And we’re off

Me and the husband. He's the rock, I'm the roll.
Me and the husband. He’s the rock, I’m the roll.

Long ago and far away I occasionally blogged my way through parenting, working full time, keeping house, hosting exchange students and being a wife. (The blog is lost to cyberspace. I failed to keep up and after too much silent time passed it went buh bye sadly. Also, I lost the password and changed my email so I couldn’t recover the account and well, it’s gone). Occasionally that phase of life will pop in here.  I’m still a mom, still working, still married, still cleaning the house. We’re semi kinda sorta empty nest now.  All the fledglings are flying or nearly flying.  And so we find ourselves with free time to do all those things we said we would do one day.  So what are we doing? We’re sitting on the couch watching TV (yes, it was a goal to be able to do this).

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