The Future Mr. & Mrs. Fry

img_5362.pngWell, it happened. Someone get the tissues. We’re gonna need them. Let me tell you the story about how my world changed today. But first, the family photo that was taken shortly before the big event. Aren’t we cute 🙂

Long ago there was a girl who met a boy in marching band. 8th grade. This girl is my little girl. She’s not so little now but forever and ever she’s my numma 1, the reason my title became Momma. So she meets this boy and she never says a word about him to us until 9th grade when the marching band went to DisneyWorld on a whirlwind trip. She left on the band bus with her band friends and she came home holding hands with a boy who was smitten with her adorable freckles. She’s 24 now and after 4 years of high school, 4 years of college, and 2 years of grad school, he’s still by her side. So this summer, the call came. The boy called and asked for permission to propose to the girl. And my world kind of paused. Not because I thought Eric wasn’t Kerrianne’s prince charming. But because this was happening. This girl who depended on me for so long was now depending on this boy who owned her heart. My husband was full of questions about how Eric planned to care for Kerrianne’s heart forever and be her fortress in the storms of life and provide for them as they made their way in the world as adults. Eric was ready and he made his promises and satisfied the questions. And so my husband gave his blessing to Eric.

Fast forward a couple months and Kerrianne knows this is coming. Vacations pass, key dates pass, moments together pass. But Eric held out and made her wait. And then on an ordinary afternoon in an ordinary backyard with an ordinary family having an ordinary picnic, Eric stopped time, spilled his heart, got down on one knee and proposed to Kerrianne.

I told you we needed tissues.

And so we soon will begin the adventure of planning the big day when Kerrianne and Eric will become Mr. & Mrs. Fry. But for now, I’m just gonna stare at this picture of my little girl and her boy enjoying the moment.

The Future Mr & Mrs Fry




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