Sure, Let’s Drive to Three States Today

Today the husband was done working and we were officially on a full day of vacation. So what better to do when you realize you’re in the northeast corner of a state you’ve never been to than to drive to the other states nearby, right? Right. So we adventured.

We left Park City and took Mirror Lake Highway through the beautiful mountain passes and stopped to see Mirror Lake. It was a gorgeous day. I took the photo of Mirror Lake with my iphone. No filter, no set up, just held the phone up and clicked. Beautiful, right? We stayed here for a bit and just admired the pause in our week. The air was so pure and fresh and crisp. The mountains are so much higher than the ones where we live. It was simply amazing to be out in nature for a bit and take in the beautiful landscape. Really, really.

Next stop: Wyoming. People we met in Utah asked me why we would want to go to Wyoming because it’s just brown grass and has cows. So what did it look like? Miles and miles of brown and green, a few rocky areas, lots of cattle. LOTS. We popped into this little town called Evanston. Old town with one main street running through it. And the headquarters for the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation. How cool is that! This small town got behind the bobsled team in 2014 and said “let’s do this”. It’s a great story. Click the link to read how Evanston helped the Jamaican bobsled team get to the Olympics. And people said we woudn’t find anything interesting here.


Third stop: Bear Lake, Idaho. What a GORGEOUS day! We drove around the southern tip of Bear Lake and just up to the town of Fish Haven to grab some late lunch/early dinner at Coopers which is in the Bear Lake West Golf Club. We ate on the deck and looked over a gorgeous lake that went on for miles and miles. Our server suggested we should grab a raspberry shake on our way back to Park City and we did. So delicious.


So back we went to Utah. Tired eyes from taking in a landscape we might not see again. Great memories made. Full bellies.


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