We Tried to Get Outdoorsy in Utah

Like I said, I don’t do relaxing vacations. When we set out to see Utah, I meant we are going to SEE UTAH. See yesterday’s fun post of our adventures in 3 states in one day as a precursor to today’s adventure. Somehow I convinced Mike that a good way to wind down from yesterday’s adventures is to spend the day driving three hours south of Park City to go see the landscapes of Arches National Park. One of the arches is featured on the state license plate so obviously this is something that is a must see if you’re in Utah. So we packed snacks and water and made the drive. Have I mentioned that the geography of Utah is completely different than Pennsylvania? No rolling hills. Just flat semi grassy land with looming rock mountains in the distance. It’s flat right up to where the mountain starts. We made our way out of the lush green of Park City and found ourselves in Moab which is all rock, all sandy dirt, no trees. It’s a desert region so I don’t know why I was so surprised that it was desert-like. We arrived to Arches and went on the park service’s 2 hour planned route around the park that takes you to many of the popular rock formations. We opted to see the Windows section and up to the Delicate Arch. The sky was so blue. SO BLUE. It was so hot. SO HOT. No shade. No humidity. Loads of sunshine. We parked at each rock formation and read the info then walked up to it, took the mandatory toursity photo, moved on. It was a rushed visit but a great visit and definitely a warm visit. I missed capturing the tourist that stood on a rock long enough that the top of his shoes slid off of the bottom of his shoes. Apparently the glue melted. Gonna say that rock was hot. It was a moment. Guess you had to be there. But go ahead and try and picture it.

These photos were all taken with my point and shoot pocket camera. Nothing fancy. It was a beautiful day.

We cheated and didn’t walk up to the Delicate Arch. As you can see from the photo, it wasn’t exactly a short walk.

We left Arches and blasted the air conditioner and went to lunch. I’m a fan of personal recommendations for places to eat and found this lunch stop called Sweet Cravings Bakery & Bistro. DELICIOUS. We both had one of their daily specials (mine had ham and strawberry jam and mustard and a dusting of powdered sugar).

So after lunch we headed to  Negro Bill Canyon Trail. See my post from September 30 about the story of how we found out about this trail. Well by now we’re  hot, we’re sweaty, we’re looped on sugar, and we’re ready to walk this short two mile trail to see the Morning Glory Natural Bridge. We’re not hikers. Let’s just say that right now. We’re walkers in the woods on trails that are so well marked that there is no mistaking that you’ve made a bad turn. We should have looked at the map. No worries, we never got off the trail and found ourselves lost in the canyon. But had we looked at the map that was conveniently located at the start of the trailhead (or even Google-ed it), we would have noticed just how many times we needed to cross the same blessed creek. 14. Each way. Yep. We counted. On the way up it was all about getting across the creek each time without getting wet. On the way back I just walked through that creek. Dry shoes are so overrated. ANYWAY… this trail. It’s a must-do. It’s not overly hilly or difficult. We hiked after lunch so the sun was no longer heating up the canyon. it did take us quite some time to get to the end of the trail and when we were about 100 yards from the Morning Glory Natural Bridge, we stopped, rested, took pics, and headed back because the sun was beginning to set.  This is my favorite pic of us from the hike.  Also, if you’ve read this far, today is our 16th wedding anniversary. So happy anniversary to us 🙂


And here are some other shots of the day including a photo of the beautiful, beautiful sunset on the way back to Park City.




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