My Stash Floweth Over and Needs Knitteth

This morning I set out to match up all my new yarn from the Utah Yarn Crawl with a great pattern.  You know, the whole “match it up to justify the purchase” exercise.  Yes. I found one.  Check the box, we can now knit this yarn up into a glorious cloud of cuddly goodness.  Then I looked to see how much yarn I have stashed on my Ravelry page  page.  And the yarn gods giggled.  43,770 yards or nearly 25 miles.  Considering I’m maybe a 500 yards a month kind of knitter, that means if I’m consistent I’ll knit down this stash by 2022.  Whoa. If I got ambitious, I might be able to knit this down in 5 years instead of 7.  But that means I buy no more yarn.  And what am I doing this month?  Going to the New York Sheep & Wool at Rhinebeck.  Yep.  One does not go to Rhinebeck and come home empty handed.  Sighhhhh… what’s a few more miles of yarn 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve planned out the next couple knits to try and quench the thirst to add more yarn to the stash.  It seems as much as my dreams say “yes, knit a sweater!” I keep buying accessory quantities and thus I keep knitting scarves and shawls.  Not traditional shawls.  I like the little ones that you can bunch up and wear like a floppy scarf but they’re more triangular than rectangular but aren’t exactly pyramid shaped. As you might have read, I recently purchased two balls of Shibui Knits in the colorway Bordeaux at Blazing Needles in Salt Lake City, Utah.  One in Cima and one in Silk Cloud.  The yarn shop that sold me these beautiful balls of g0odness said this brand of yarn is designed to be paired so I’ll knit both strands together as I go.  My plan is to knit Martina Behm’s Samadhi scarf.  It looks simple and smushy like it should be knit with a haze of yarn.  So that’s project one.  Project 2 is Cassiope by Alexandra Beck.  I have a ball of hand painted yarn from Greenwood Fiberworks in the colorway “Hawaii” that I purchased at Unravelled Sheep in Sandy, Utah.  Cassiope has a lot of mesh and it’s a little breezy looking so I think it fits this colorway well.  I have a third ball of glorious handpainted yarn that needs knitted to show of the gorgeous colors.  This is Alexandra’s Crafts in the line called Black Butte and the colorway is Kaleidescope.  I got it at Wasatch & Wool in Park City, Utah. I posted a photo below.  This one has me stumped.  Suggestions welcome! I’m considering mixing it with a sparkly purple that’s in my stash.

AlexandrasCrafts BlackButte Kaleidescope




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