Hitchhiking Across Utah, Wyoming and Idaho

jens-finished-hitchhikerOK, OK, so we didn’t really hitchhike across three states. We had a rental car. In the world of knitting, there are millions of patterns and many pattern designers name their designs with memorable names and then we knitters call these garments we knit by the name the designer gave them. One pattern that is super popular is called the Hitchhiker by the fantastic designer Martina Behm (aka Strickmich on Ravelry). I needed a super easy peasy project to knit on the airplane and in the car. This pattern is exactly that. Loads of squishy garter. The pic to the right here is me sporting the final product. Cute right?

The designer wrote it for fingering but I picked laceweight. I had a gorgeous rich pink and gold ball of Malabrigo Lace in Amoroso that was the right color. I tend to knit with darker colors and that’s definitely challenging when your light isn’t the best. So I thought this brighter but not lighter pink might be just right.

I knit the project on size 4 needles. The pattern includes a KFB stitch and I learned a trick to keep track of what row I was on so I could just knit like mad and not have to keep copious notes about where I was and if it was time to bind off the first few stitches to make each tooth. To do this, I placed a stitch marker between KF and KB on Row 1 to keep track of how many increases I made (and which row I was on). When there are 7 stitches on the increase side of the marker, that’s the indication that you’re on the last row before the bind off row (row 8). Also, I slipped the 1st stitch of the bind of row purlwise to prevent the purl bump.

hitchhiker-progress-1By the end of the project it was a long slog but it was the perfect kind of knitting to fit in my purse and be worked on in the car when my eyes were looking at the landscapes instead of the stitch work. The finished project is perfect for wrapping twice around my neck. It’s warm and comfy. I like that it’s not bulky under my coat. It’s got a shallow mid-point but it’s enough to cover my chest when I wear a vneck or scoop neck top.

You can read all my notes on my Ravelry project page here: Hitchhiking Across Utah, Wyoming and Idaho




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