Wait. Wait. Wait. So what happened since 2015? It all vanished. Poof. Cry with me for a second. There was some good stuff. Witty stuff. Heartfelt stuff. Life stuff. And all my posts just kinda disappeared in the night. My blog is empty.

So let’s cry a second (((passes tissues)))

OK. OK. Whewww I feel better. I’m gonna go find my old laptop that has my old files soon enough this will all be updated and you’ll see that really, all the good stuff is back and maybe a few new photos. Gotta live a little, right? In a nutshell this is what happened between August 2015 and February 2017.

Kerrianne got engaged. Megan graduated from college. Michael and I went to Utah. Him for work me for fun. Came home tired. The youngest daughter graduated college. She just flew the coop ohhhhh three days ago. We’re empty nesting it at the moment. The oldest daughter got engaged and got married to her high school sweetheart. She moved from Pittsburgh PA to Bloomsburg PA (100 miles closer to me!). Husband took me on a trip to the UK to recover from the wedding (bless his heart he’s wonderful). Him for work, me for fun. Came home really tired. My job changed (job, not company) and now I’m sitting in a boring office in a boring cubicle with boring people and it’s boring. When I’m not sitting in the cubicle of treachery, I knit and knit and knit and well, you should just check out my Ravelry project pages. Other things we’ve done in the last 15 months… We winery crawled. We went on dinner dates. We made new friends. We had long weekends. We did the whole reorganize the house thing a few times. We live life like crazy and it seems we’re never home. So. Hold on. We’re gonna time warp and go back to October 2015.




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