Hitchhiking Across Utah, Wyoming and Idaho

jens-finished-hitchhikerOK, OK, so we didn’t really hitchhike across three states. We had a rental car. In the world of knitting, there are millions of patterns and many pattern designers name their designs with memorable names and then we knitters call these garments we knit by the name the designer gave them. One pattern that is super popular is called the Hitchhiker by the fantastic designer Martina Behm (aka Strickmich on Ravelry). I needed a super easy peasy project to knit on the airplane and in the car. This pattern is exactly that. Loads of squishy garter. The pic to the right here is me sporting the final product. Cute right? Continue reading


My Stash Floweth Over and Needs Knitteth

This morning I set out to match up all my new yarn from the Utah Yarn Crawl with a great pattern.  You know, the whole “match it up to justify the purchase” exercise.  Yes. I found one.  Check the box, we can now knit this yarn up into a glorious cloud of cuddly goodness.  Then I looked to see how much yarn I have stashed on my Ravelry page  page.  And the yarn gods giggled.  43,770 yards or nearly 25 miles.  Considering I’m maybe a 500 yards a month kind of knitter, that means if I’m consistent I’ll knit down this stash by 2022.  Whoa. If I got ambitious, I might be able to knit this down in 5 years instead of 7.  But that means I buy no more yarn.  And what am I doing this month?  Going to the New York Sheep & Wool at Rhinebeck.  Yep.  One does not go to Rhinebeck and come home empty handed.  Sighhhhh… what’s a few more miles of yarn 🙂 Continue reading

Yarn Shop Crawling in Utah

When Mike travels for work and it’s somewhere cool, I go along. I’m the ride along buddy. I’m there to plan all the fun stuff to do when he’s done working, find the good restaurants, figure out the logistics, and be the arm candy when he has events. Ha. You laughed at that right? He spends the days working. I spend the days running around like a crazed woman exploring the cities. At night he gets to hear all about whatever I found and sometimes he gets to go on a quick tour of where I spent my day. Fun times. When Mike registered for a conference in Park City, Utah  of course I went. I’ve never been to Utah! I booked my flight, booked a rental car and started planning.Here’s where it gets fun. I don’t sleep much on vacations. I suck out every second I can for sightseeing and friend making and food tasting. I can sleep when I get home. I plan and plan and plan and go and go and go. I have options for the options. I even pre-program the GPS. So here’s how it went and what we did the first couple days. Continue reading