Wait. Wait. Wait. So what happened since 2015? It all vanished. Poof. Cry with me for a second. There was some good stuff. Witty stuff. Heartfelt stuff. Life stuff. And all my posts just kinda disappeared in the night. My blog is empty.

So let’s cry a second (((passes tissues)))

OK. OK. Whewww I feel better. I’m gonna go find my old laptop that has my old files soon enough this will all be updated and you’ll see that really, all the good stuff is back and maybe a few new photos. Gotta live a little, right? In a nutshell this is what happened between August 2015 and February 2017. Continue reading


Hitchhiking Across Utah, Wyoming and Idaho

jens-finished-hitchhikerOK, OK, so we didn’t really hitchhike across three states. We had a rental car. In the world of knitting, there are millions of patterns and many pattern designers name their designs with memorable names and then we knitters call these garments we knit by the name the designer gave them. One pattern that is super popular is called the Hitchhiker by the fantastic designer Martina Behm (aka Strickmich on Ravelry). I needed a super easy peasy project to knit on the airplane and in the car. This pattern is exactly that. Loads of squishy garter. The pic to the right here is me sporting the final product. Cute right? Continue reading

We Tried to Get Outdoorsy in Utah

Like I said, I don’t do relaxing vacations. When we set out to see Utah, I meant we are going to SEE UTAH. See yesterday’s fun post of our adventures in 3 states in one day as a precursor to today’s adventure. Somehow I convinced Mike that a good way to wind down from yesterday’s adventures is to spend the day driving three hours south of Park City to go see the landscapes of Arches National Park. One of the arches is featured on the state license plate so obviously this is something that is a must see if you’re in Utah. Continue reading

Yarn Shop Crawling in Utah

When Mike travels for work and it’s somewhere cool, I go along. I’m the ride along buddy. I’m there to plan all the fun stuff to do when he’s done working, find the good restaurants, figure out the logistics, and be the arm candy when he has events. Ha. You laughed at that right? He spends the days working. I spend the days running around like a crazed woman exploring the cities. At night he gets to hear all about whatever I found and sometimes he gets to go on a quick tour of where I spent my day. Fun times. When Mike registered for a conference in Park City, Utah  of course I went. I’ve never been to Utah! I booked my flight, booked a rental car and started planning.Here’s where it gets fun. I don’t sleep much on vacations. I suck out every second I can for sightseeing and friend making and food tasting. I can sleep when I get home. I plan and plan and plan and go and go and go. I have options for the options. I even pre-program the GPS. So here’s how it went and what we did the first couple days. Continue reading

And we’re off

Me and the husband. He's the rock, I'm the roll.
Me and the husband. He’s the rock, I’m the roll.

Long ago and far away I occasionally blogged my way through parenting, working full time, keeping house, hosting exchange students and being a wife. (The blog is lost to cyberspace. I failed to keep up and after too much silent time passed it went buh bye sadly. Also, I lost the password and changed my email so I couldn’t recover the account and well, it’s gone). Occasionally that phase of life will pop in here.  I’m still a mom, still working, still married, still cleaning the house. We’re semi kinda sorta empty nest now.  All the fledglings are flying or nearly flying.  And so we find ourselves with free time to do all those things we said we would do one day.  So what are we doing? We’re sitting on the couch watching TV (yes, it was a goal to be able to do this).

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